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'do you.' tee



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Wear 'do you.' close to your heart in the LGBTQ color scheme. 10% of proceeds go to the Happy Hippie Foundation.


Colabo x Erica Gibson 

We collaborated with Erica Gibson to create these one-of-a-kind hand written do you tees available in white and black. We want to encourage everyone to be themselves, love who they are and be proud of their differences. Keeping 'do you.' close to your heart is a way to spread individual pride and contribute to the cause. Even the way these tees were made embraces the beauty of being different. You'll see that the color scheme in each 'do you.' are all made up of the same colors, but not one looks exactly alike.

Erica Gibson is a Los Angeles-based designer / art director and is currently the senior art director for Bottega Louie, a luxury culinary destination in downtown Los Angeles. She produces work as an illustrator, exhibiting both in Los Angeles and San Francisco.



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