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Midnight Toker Stash Bag


Product Details

Midnight toker stash bag with French Abadie papers, matchbook and herbal smoke blend by Poppy and Someday


The midnight toker bag has gold embroidered text on top of fine black linen. It's the perfect casual stash bag that can also transform into your night out wristlet.

Poppy and Someday's herbal smoking blend has the perfect medley of Yerba Santa, Mugwort, Mullein, Calendula, Chamomile, and Lavender.  Cannabis and Tobacco free.  17 oz.  Organic and Wild Harvested in California.

Abadie is a French company that delivers slow and evenly burning rolling papers. They use premium rice paper to create a smooth and consistent burn. You’ll find them easy to work with and pleasurable from the moment you start rolling to the final drag.

Make a statement when you light up with 'IT'S NOT A PHASE, IT'S A LIFESTYLE'. black and gold matchbook. 

Curated and made with love by Colabo Collective. 




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